[olug] Linux-Friendly MP3 Players? (iRock, etc.)

Martin Willett mwillett at highstream.net
Sun Nov 28 17:50:53 UTC 2004

I use an iRiver iFP-890, 256MB, and I love it.
Advantages: - supports OGG out of the box w/ no firmware upgrade (in
addition to MP3 & un-protected WMA)
	- built-in FM tuner
	- line-in (stereo) & built-in mic (mono) recording
	- timer for unattended FM radio recording
	- uses 1 AA, alky or nimh, long battery life
Disadvantages: - Supported proprietary software for M$ & Mac only (of
course), although there's an active SourceForge development community
	 - USB settings iffy on my distro (FC2), haven't tried with FC3 yet

IMHO, the players that offer FM tuners, line-in recording & non-music
file storage beat the iPods for flexibility & value. 

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