[olug] Debian Install

Mike McNally mmcnally3 at prodigy.net
Wed Dec 20 18:14:02 UTC 2000

Now that I think about it, on my last debian install I had
irq problems that resulted in eth0 problems.  Being lazy, my
solution was to roll a kernel taking out sound support.
Naturally I first tried a few attempts at making it work but
eventually instead of doing the research to figure out how 
to resolve this problem, I just shut off the sound and then
eth0 worked fine.  Maybe that will help.

If you shut off the sound first and see if that corrects the
eth0 problem, then you'll know that it was an irq thing, and
will know which way to proceed.

note: I have done other debian installs on this box that got
eth0 and sound both working without deress, but the potato
appears to need some irq wrangling which I don't have time for
right now.

re install
In reading the debian user list, oh yeah you should join that
list -> http://www.debian.org (from there you can go to the list
archive or info on subscribing), I saw several folks advise doing
the simple install and then adding nothing or almost nothing
using the dselect program that comes up.  I disagree.  Here's 
why: the debian install program does an excellant job of configuring
apps windows mangrs, programs, devices etc.  If you don't get the
stuff you are definately going to want added, in the mix, before you
reboot then the install program won't work it's magic on this
stuff.  That's a mistake.

So you need to let the tool work for you, but you must be certain
that your additions are not creating strange conflict problems. 
That's the key, and in the deselect part of the install you will
be directed to a conflicts screen as conflicts arise.  You must 
read the help page on what is being described on this conflicts
screen and carefully back out of any conflict situation before you
hose up stuff that was just fine until you created a conflict.  And
it's not as simple as just saying ok, so I'll not add this.  Nope,
once you try to add something with conflicts it mucks up a whole
bunch or other stuff and backing out of the mess is ...well it's 
easy if you carefully read the help screens.

Do use the simple install method as that makes sure the basics are
added without your having to know every driver you need.

nasdaq rolling over, breaking this am's low...  head fake or crash?  
place your bets

Mike McNally		mmcnally3 at prodigy.net

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