[olug] OT: Learning Colemak

unfy olug at unfy.org
Tue Apr 29 11:38:25 UTC 2014

Decided that I'll be turning 40 in a couple years and that I'd like to 
be gentle on my hands as I continue to code / type etc.

As part of those goals, decided to pick up the Colemak keyboard layout.  
ZXCV being in the same spot as Qwerty is a big selling point for the 
common computer shortcuts that they are.

Typing test starting out with: 99 WPM Qwerty, 6 WPM Colemak (having 
never typed Colemak before).

So far it's been interesting.  I'm learning Colemak 'on the side' (do 
some typing lessons, then go back to Qwerty to work... etc... trying to 
get about 10-15min of Colemak typing in an hour while here at work).


As far as those wondering about my linux reviews I have kind of corned 
myself into doing - waiting on being able to get an acceptable video 
card into the nForce 630i system before doing the opinion pieces.  
Dealing with broken HDMI video out (not talking about audio either) is 
not something I wanna deal with while fiddling with review stuffs.  
Prolly should also draw up a plan / list of "points" to test to make it 
kind of standardized testing.


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