[olug] Windstream DSL and a Sagemcom 1704

Dan Staehr staehrmedia at neb.rr.com
Thu Jan 20 04:21:41 UTC 2011

Good luck dealing with Windstream tech support....its deplorable. I have 
several customers that have had problems with Windstream. I've only 
worked with their Speedstream modem (junk) and have wondered how the 
Sagemcom 1704 was.

I look forward to your report.

Dan Staehr
Staehr Media Services
Lincoln, NE

On 01/19/2011 8:29 PM, Dan Linder wrote:
> Anyone here have Windstream DSL in their home?  My dad just upgraded to
> their 7Mbit earlier this week (Tuesday?), and while he was going through the
> first initial setup of the DSL modem, their system went down.  (The
> installer/technician that was out there at the time said it was a problem on
> their end and to try again tomorrow...)  Anyway, the current state of the
> device is that the PCs on the LAN are getting 192.168.254.X addresses from
> the DSL on the Sagemcom modem/firewall, but when we get on to the router and
> run the "diagnostics" tests, it's failing on the "DSL" and "Internet" tests.
> > From these results, I *know* it's a problem on their end, but when my dad
> called in earlier this afternoon and they transferred him up to the
> "advanced support team" (after the first lady didn't know what an a DNS
> server IP address was), the advanced team said that he had to agree to 6
> months of their higher rate plan to get support!
> Questions:
>   1: Is the support really that way with Windstream?  (Once we get on to the
> Internet, we'll be self-sufficient...)
>   2: Anyone know of a way to truly perform a hard-reset so the modem will let
> him re-start the initial setup?  (It looks like it thinks it's
> configured...)
> Dan

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