[olug] Which certifications are worthwhile?

Aric Aasgaard aric at omahax.com
Tue Sep 22 14:41:11 UTC 2009

I like certifications that don't expire...  My A+ from 1999 is still valid.

There are at least 2 points of view.  

If you are doing it for fun, get a certificate for something you want to
learn about.  

If you are doing it for money, get a certification in something where the
target customers are used to spending lots of money on IT.  

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I've been working on PCs for almost 15 years.  During that time, I've never
been required to have any certifications.  However, that's just changed.
I just accepted a job that wants me to get A+ certified, and they're also
paying for Dell certification.  It will be nice to have the pieces of paper
that say I'm certified, but it's gotten me wondering which certs have become
truly important anymore...
I'm moving toward just running my own computer repair/consulting firm at
this point.  So far I've got a start with a few people who won't go to
anyone but me for repairs, and a business who is very willing to refer
others to me for data recovery/forensics.  (I've taken the CHFI courses, but
never got certified there, even)
The next logical step is probably along the lines of Cisco certs, I know
home networking but haven't had much opportunity to delve into Cisco
equipment.  Not exactly something that you see in a SOHO setup.
But, anything else that's recommended, or I should at least crack a book
open on?

 I ran the Harry Potter books through a spell checker; none of those spells
should work.

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