[olug] Which certifications are worthwhile?

charles.bird at powerdnn.com charles.bird at powerdnn.com
Tue Sep 22 03:36:02 UTC 2009

I would check into a juniper cert too(legacy netscreen), seen a lot of screenOS stuff stuff in soho/branches

Lpi would be a cheap linux cert

Ccna is very good to have and makes getting new gigs easier

That would be my holy trinity
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Sounding so far like Cisco is where I'm headed; although my focus tends to be home/small office systems, I'm beginning to run into offices that have a single Cisco device, and no one knows what it's even there for (this particularly happens when they want to shop around for another consultant.  I've had one consulting firm tell me "nobody uses Linux", to which I had to rattle off a few companies they obviously don't do work for).
Linux certs may come in handy in the long run; right now I use it for a lot of data recovery/troubleshooting, and hand out an occasional livecd to try to get a home user by on the cheap.
Grandpa and Grandma don't need to spend $400 on Windows 7 when all they do is play solitaire and check email.... and then they spend a fortune when the grandkids hit a scareware banner ad.

 I ran the Harry Potter books through a spell checker; none of those spells should work.

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Of course, all of the salary data assumes you're taking a job that will
make use of your new skills.  A Cisco cert wouldn't do you much good in
a SOHO maintenance job.

My opinion is, if you've got a good job that requires you to have a
certain cert, then get it, especially if they're paying for it.  If
you're hoping that some certification will help land a future job,
then stick with Cisco or RHCE (assuming you want that type of job).

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