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i used to prefer KDE, and i'm currently beta testing the next version, but
gnome is by far superior.

i'm currently booting ubuntu jaunty 64 on my laptop with 5 different desktop
managers, but i almost always use gnome.

On Wed, Sep 30, 2009 at 2:28 PM, Tim & Alethea Larson
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> Jeff Hinrichs wrote:
> > The original questions was a new user trying out *nix.  In my opinion,
> for
> > new users, gnome is it.  After they have cut the cord with m$, they can
> find
> > the wm of their dreams, if they want.  The goal should be encouraging
> them,
> > not shoving them off the dock.  I too have a soft spot for minimalist
> wm's
> > but I don't find mucking with every dial to be a benefit -- good enough
> is
> > often just right.  gnome is deifnitely good enough for newb's.
> My concern is that the UI of Gnome/KDE is not very much like either
> Windows or Mac OS, which are somewhat familiar to most everyone.  Plus,
> they're both pretty heavyweight, and taxing on older systems.
> Admittedly, you never know how much of a problem this may be until you
> try it out.  But I think that a relatively lightweight, very
> Windows-like UI is probably good for a newbie switcher.  For a complete
> computer newb, maybe Gnome is a better choice.
> Tim
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