[olug] Linux Recommendations?

Thom Harrison id4spam at cox.net
Mon May 31 20:36:58 UTC 2004

If you do setup a LinkSys router, you'll probably be running Linux 
anyway.  :-)


VHP3 wrote:

>Well, if you've got access to 'broadband', or will,
>you probably can just do it with a Linksys
>firewall/router without the complications of setting
>up a Linux server.   From there, you could run cat5 or
>*gasp* a form of 802.11 to each of the roommate's
>computers.   Of course you had an uncontrollable urge
>to set a up a Linux server anyway, by all means go for
>it.  This idea assumes you'll have access to some form
>of 'broadband' Internet access.  If you don't, than I
>have no clue how you could do it effectively.
>--- "Dietz, John D." <dietz_j at alltel.net> wrote:
>>	Next year, my College is allowing tons of people to
>>live off-campus
>>next year (this is a first in many, many years).  A
>>bunch of us are going to
>>live together next year, and each from a variety of
>>computing backgrounds.
>>We are going to need to share Internet access next
>>year.  The College uses
>>Exchange 2000 Server for all campus e-mail (I have
>>no idea why, but they
>>do).  I was wondering what you recommended for
>>sharing Internet.  I was
>>thinking of using a Linux server of some kind (since
>>I am one of the more
>>network savvy individuals), but I was unsure of what
>>distribution to use.  I
>>would like to go for easy to configure and secure.
>>	I need to set it up however so that people can use
>>Outlook to
>>connect to the College Exchange server.  I have
>>tested this out, and it does
>>indeed work, despite my first guess that it would be
>>blocked by the College
>>firewall.  Does anyone know what it takes to set
>>this stuff up to allow
>>multiple individuals Outlook and Apple Mail access
>>to the Exchange server
>>via one IP?  I am going to NAT the network, and I
>>would like some
>>Thanks in advance,
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