[olug] SCSI Raid Adapter

Brandon Lederer brandon at tolkien-movies.com
Tue May 4 18:19:45 UTC 2004

The adaptec's are well supported.     Adaptec U160 Raids are what I have 
experience with.  Wasnt too difficult to set up.

On Tuesday 04 May 2004 08:10 am, Jon H. Larsen wrote:
> I'm looking for a SCSI Raid adapter with an internal 50 pin high-density
> connector that will work "out of the box" on a Suse 9.0 or RH Enterpise
> Linux 3 installation.
> The rackmount case I am using already has the SCSI backplane.
> It has an Intel SCSI Raid adapter currently in the rackmount box that I
> have attempted to intall Suse 9.0, Fedora Core 1, and RH Enterprise Linux,
> and all of them failed to have the module pre-built for the install.
> Even the Red Hat drivers disks included on the CD do not have the module
> pre-built.  I did not find a driver disk on Intel's site.  I would rather
> replace it with something that I won't have to mess with driver disks.
> (I have to take the access panel off to get inside the rackmount case to
> attach a floppy)  This is a production box. :)
> Knoppix has the module pre-built and it loads the module properly, but I
> can't install knoppix and use it.
> I have an IBM ServeRAID 3L, but if anyone has seen this card, you'll know
> it's a Full Length card and may not fit inside my rackmount case.
> Suprisingly, RH7.x had the module included.  However, the README for the
> current offerings of the driver don't mention the card I have, so it
> appears to have been dropped.
> Any suggestions?
> Jon L.

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