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Brian Roberson roberson at olug.org
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joke a poke.... as this is relatively on-topic, and definately would benefit
the linux community with these course offereings, BUT seeing how this post's
questioning is rooted and driven by profit making...... I must also post the
fact that the Aim Institute ( Where we hold our monthly meetings ) Offer
"Linux Certified Administrator Classes"  I also know that they are a
recognized SAIR organization.... Adam Haeder would have full details. Oddly
enough, I just checked the aimintitute.org website and there was not alot of
detail ( http://www.aiminstitute.org/2/index.htm )

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> I am currently proposing a Linux class that would lead to the Red Hat
> certification. At metro right now we have to classes a user and an
> administration class dealing with Linux/Unix. I was wondering your guys
> input if you think the people out there that use Linux would be willing to
> do something like this. Because im am sure I will have to show proof there
> is people out there willing to take it before they make it a class. So if
> you could give me some input or even if you guys would be willing to take
> something like that to get your certification in Red Hat. If anyone goes
> metro and would like to help me propose this to the Dean let me know in an
> e-mail and we can get in contact. I also know a teacher that said she
> be willing to teach a class like that, she is a current teacher there
> teaching the Linux admin class. So we have a teacher that has our back,
> w00t.
> Thanks
> Patrick Olsen
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