[olug] burnin' cd images

Schmeits, Roger schmeits at clarksoncollege.edu
Mon Mar 19 22:50:46 UTC 2001

Please clarify burning bootable cd for me:
Goals: to create a redhat 7.0 bootable cd
Equipment: a)I have on hand one pc capable of booting from the cd rom 
	      b)our internet connection is a T1 line.
	      c)cd burner on a NT4 server		
I am currently downloading the ISO images of 7.0-respin-disc1.iso &
7.0-respin-disc2.iso from the location of

Do i just burn these images to a cd and is that all I need to do?  Do I need
to run a checksum?  Are there any other files I need to
put on this cd?

This is my first try at burning an image so I am somewhat igorant at this


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