[olug] distro

Paul T. McNally nally at radiks.net
Tue Mar 13 23:44:29 UTC 2001

Sorry Gary. It was a few months ago I got the iso images from there, or
myabe my memory is fading. Here try this place:


You have 3 images to download. Let me know if you have any problems.
Need any help installing?


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> Like I said I'm new at this so please bear with me.I went to
> /.1/linux/debian/dists/potato/main/disks-i386/
> that that directory was the most promising but I saw no iso file
> was a base2_2.tgz  file there,do I need to get that then untar it and
> burn it to disk or am I barking up the wrong tree completely and need to
> in a different directory?

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