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I've tried Arch a few times. It is meant to be lean and customizable. You
get want you want in the distro and starts with a really basic install. But
it is purely binary and opposed to a source-based distro like Gentoo.

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> Is Arch Linux the Gentoo of the 2010s? I downloaded the ISO and was greeted
> by a command prompt, and that is it. Surprise! never looked into it before
> today but hear everyone bless it.
> Bodhi is pretty cool, and for some reason a video in terminology is pretty
> snazzy, and enlightenment is quite a treat. I am getting so tired of Ubuntu
> these days... Mint is in the same boat.
> Finally I can write scripts and watch a movie at the same time! I am
> currently looking for a distro that is a little different. Any suggestions?
> Any bookmarked Arch setup sites worth a look? I gave it the 5 min all or
> nothing and was a little let down by the amount of documentation.
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