[olug] Disappointment and a question ...

unfy olug at unfy.org
Wed May 21 19:24:57 CDT 2014

The HD6570 will work, my HD6570 works :D

Try an HD7770, HD7790, R9 270.  I believe these three cards I've seen 
have issues specifically online.  My card, a Gigabyte R9 270 OC 2gb card 
is what goes boom atm.

The Dell BIOS goes boom when looking at the video card's bios or 
something.  I dunno if it's a partial UEFI thing or what ? There's no 
options in the bios concerning option roms, legacy blah blah, etc etc 
etc.  Soooooo I can't just fiddle my way to success :(.

The Gateway DX4860 (odd name to us old folks heh) motherboard looks 
about the same as the Dell 460/8300 board, and has newer bios's 
available. It makes me wonder if I can flash a gateway bios to the dell 
board or not etc.

Or, if both the Dell and Gateway board are based off an intel reference 
design, can I flash an intel bios to it.


BTW, concerning your 460 - mine also suffered an apparent common problem 
to the 460's - the onboard NIC is intermitant / died.  If ya completely 
unpower the system (unplug, hit power, all led's eventually go out, 
etc), and plug the NIC in - ports light up. Hit the power button, and 
sometime during the BIOS boot, the NIC gets shut off and it's not seen 
by the OS.  Yes, cleared bios settings, checked them, cleared via 
battery / jumpers, etc.  It's just a known problem that they die.  A 
coworker found a possible solution - use a crappy 4 conductor ethernet 
cable and it might not crap out during BIOS or something.  I dunno, I 
just bought a PCIe NIC to throw in the system so I didn't have to fuck 
with it.


On 5/21/2014 1:14 AM, Aric Aasgaard wrote:
> What video card doesn't work?  I have a Dell Vostro 460  and a bunch of
> video cards on a bench at work.
> ......I think I have a hd6570
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> Started grabbing ideas for checklist...
> But in sad news - the Dell Vostro 460 (i7 2600 / h67 chipset) I was going to
> throw the new video card into ... well, the Dell BIOS is broken and the
> system doesn't post with the card in the system (card works in the nforce
> 630i i've mentioned, and an hd6570 works in the Dell....).
> It's been a known issues for years and they don't appear to care... so I'll
> be fetching a retail motherboard to put in the system... but that will be a
> week or two - finances and all.
> -Will
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