[olug] Way OT: Finding car parts

Aric aric at omahax.com
Thu May 15 04:04:43 CDT 2014

Does it have a 5 speed and 17lbs of boost?

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First off, thank you for all the replies. I will be diving into them in
more detail later when I am home. The response was way better than I

The "Mistress" is a 1988 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe. 2.3L engine.

The problem is in the suspension and I finally found a mechanic old enough
to have seen the car before. He informed me today the he found an old shop
manual and was going through the flow charts for this and determined that
the switch is bad but cannot find the part in his usual haunts. He asked me
to look while he dived into other issues.

Craig Wolf

On Wed, May 14, 2014 at 4:56 PM, Obi-Wan <obiwan at jedi.com> wrote:

> On 05/14/2014 04:46 PM, Craig Wolf wrote:
>> I know this is WAY off topic but I know there are some "car interested"
>> parties in these parts.  The "Mistress" is in need of a part so I can
>> drive
>> her, Brake Pressure Switch: FOSZ 3N824 A
>> My Google Fu brings up nothing useful...I am looking for other ideas for
>> where to go.  I know, 25 year old car, what do I expect for finding parts
>> BUT not ready to give her up.
> You didn't say what kind of vehicle it was, but have you called the
> various junk yards?
> If it's a popular car, have you consulted online enthusiast forums?
> Does the location of the switch lend itself to retrofitting a generic
> pressure switch?  You're talking about the thing that turns on the brake
> lights & turns off the cruise when you depress the brake pedal, right?
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