[olug] OT: Local PC Forensics Experts

Hurley, Rod RHurley at TENASKA.com
Fri May 9 15:25:01 CDT 2014

By "nudging this request along" he means run like the wind away from this one.  ;o)  I've been involved with a couple of these, and they get pretty hairy.


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If the person asking is an attorney then I would only refer them to accredited services. You can get into serious trouble otherwise depending on the context of the reference.

If the asker is a member of the Nebraska Bar Association then they would be best served by seeing what organizations are listed for those services with the bar. As a member of the Iowa Bar Association I know there are several organizations listed as providing those type of services.

That being said, I suspect your asker is trying to determine if they can/should take a particular case and is looking for an inexpensive method of determining if the client's claims of impropriety are suitable.

Unless you are really interested in playing around in the legal system I would advise nudging this request along.

Just my opinion of course, and no transactions have occurred herein...


(Disclaimer: Matthew G. Marsh, JD, NSA, CISA, CISSP, etc.)

On Thu, 8 May 2014, jregier at cox.net wrote:

> This is a bit off topic.
> I was asked if I know of anyone locally that can "determine if a PC 
> has been hacked."  I don't have much detail except that its probably a 
> Windows machine.  I know I have seen some of you talk about getting 
> some security certifications from time to time.  Is there anyone here 
> that would want to take this on?  Do you know of any?  I don't want to 
> do this myself but I would like to make a referral if possible.
> The person asking is a lawyer so take that into account.  Things could 
> get "legal."  You may need some experience/credentials.  I'm not sure 
> if this would end up in a court or not.
> Thanks
> Jesse Regier

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