[olug] OT: Recommendations for a GOOD Outdoor Camera?

Jason Troy jason.troy at gmail.com
Fri Apr 4 00:45:43 UTC 2014

When in doubt, blame the Nutrinos. Without knowing timing, we are all
throwing stuff out there to see what sticks (birds, trains, etc).

Since you mention the sun and are leading us that way, I have to mention
the obvious:
There was X1/2b flare (R3 radio blackout) on Saturday, at 29/1748 UTC
(12:48 PM our time).

Here's the summary report:
Perhaps past / real-time alerts coincide with incidents.

Ive been setting up some instrumentation at work to assist in deducing
whether some errors I get via microwave is caused by meaty flesh transiting
the sky or from source propagation point(in which I have no metrics).

Ive decided that I want to setup a nice camera to observe as much of the
visible path as possible.

Sure are alot of cameras out there, but many will not fit the bill.

This is going to have alot of direct sunlight.
Needs to also be sensitive to IR at night.(not thermal but would be cool)
Need to make sure cmos sensors or PSU does not induce
interference.(squeeling switched PSUs for example)
IP out, I prefer MPEG2 but I know it going to be h264.

Budget is not of concern.

Anyone got anything off the top of their head?
I was thinking that I may have to get two cams where each is specific to
night or daylight operation and figure out the automation later.

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