[olug] Heart attack after 11.04 upgrade

Obi-Wan obiwan at jedi.com
Thu Jun 30 16:31:39 UTC 2011

Dave whined:
> Fwiw, after the natty dist-upgrade, I switched to KDE... and I hate KDE...  I found they introduced so many freaking Gnome bugs with 11.04, even using so-called classic mode, it was unusable.  HUGE Memory bloat in X (nv-current also).  Rendering issues on switching workspaces.  Breaking focus-follows-mouse was the death blow for me.  May roll hack to 10.whatever at some point.  Or switching distros entirely.

I'm starting to believe you.  I played with it some last night,
and despite setting what appeared to be all the right settings in
CompizConfig, I couldn't get my cube to rotate when I ran the mouse
off the edge.  I did notice some problems re-rendering windows when
I switched workspaces.  I haven't looked at memory usage yet, but
I have confirmed that X still dies spontaneously.  I think focus
following mouse must work, because I'd have noticed that right off
it it wasn't.

I really need to get most of my custom server stuff moved off to
a different machine so that I have the freedom to simply wipe the
OS & start over when I want to...

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