[olug] Video output plug question and other questions

David Cannon medaveduh at gmail.com
Thu Jun 16 04:11:10 UTC 2011

We use them at work on all our agents PCs.  The card is probably an ati
3400.  Sam is right about needing a cable to split it.  It can be dual dvi
or vga.  Can't remember what the male piece is called.  If I think of it I
will let ya know.  Be careful plugging in the cable.  The bottom corner pins
have a habit of bending and turning one of the screens green or pink
depending on the corner.

On Jun 15, 2011 10:25 PM, "Sam Tetherow" <tetherow at shwisp.net> wrote:

Does the onboard chip have a heat sink on it?  You might be able to place a
small vidchip fan on it to help cool it, but that may only be a stopgap if
the heat sink isn't keeping up the overheating may be symptomatic of another

I have seen the vid cables without the spade pins in the mac world.  Have
you looked up the vid card online?  I think I have a dual head adapter cable
that looks like a dvi cable without spade bits splitting into two dvi ends.

On 06/15/2011 09:14 PM, Thomas D. Williamson wrote:
> I picked up a Dell computer that has a vid...

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