[olug] Computer Room Fire Suppression

Daniel Clough dan at dustytech.net
Wed Jun 1 16:16:18 UTC 2011

I can agree with Rod's ideas.  Even a small department can benefit from
technology that's focused on big-time operations.

The extreme of this is that my department threw ridiculous amounts of money
at VMware to build out ESX infrastructure with hot-failover capabilities
over 10G fiber between two separate 3-rack server rooms on a  campus where
we don't even get administrative control over our own network.  We're at the
whim of the main University IS department, but hey, at least we know some
servers are still up even though nobody can use them.  That's a glaring
externality that we have absolutely no control over, and more often than not
dictates what we can and can't do with our own systems.

I guess the moral is, do what makes sense for your department and your
objectives, but there's still a point where your infrastructure investments
begin to exceed the scope of your operations.


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