[olug] Can these speedups be had on the same hardware using Linux.

Luke-Jr luke at dashjr.org
Wed Jun 1 00:36:38 UTC 2011

On Tuesday, May 31, 2011 12:43:50 AM Rob Townley wrote:
> There are some things added to intel Sandy Bridge like "Quick Sync"
> that can speed up transcoding from 2:52 to :22 -- drops 2:30 off the
> time it takes to encode a 449MB 1080i source to H.264.
> But it seems to require 3rd party software for windows.
> Does Linux use that without the fuss?

Decoding should more or less just work. As well as 3D acceleration (which is 
surprisingly BETTER THAN ANY OTHER GPU ON LINUX, including the highest-end 
AMD discrete cards). I've been using i5-2400 (avoid the K!) since around 
January 18th.

I started with a Gigabyte board, but found out that its VT-d support was 
broken. Thanks to the well-publicised SATA glitch, I was able to get a full 
refund on it and switch to Intel DQ67SW. Much to my surprise, not only did
VT-d work fine, but it even worked flawlessly passing through my Radeon 5850 
to a KVM (for Bitcoin mining). I had been told by many various KVM 
developers over the last few months that graphics passthrough wouldn't work, 
so this kindof took everyone by surprise... as far as I know, I am the only 
one to have ever succeeded at this (with KVM; Xen has had some beta-level 
support for a while).

Note that 2.6.28+ does NOT work on the Gigabyte (but 2.6.27 does).
I reported a bug, but it seems nobody else with a Gigabyte has bothered to 
adopt it since I returned mine.

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