[olug] need linux

Tim & Alethea Larson thelarsons3 at cox.net
Wed Jan 26 22:11:43 UTC 2011

On 1/25/11 8:09 PM, Dan Anderson wrote:
> That's kind of cool.
> Are you running an obsolete computer museum in your basement or are
> you trying to work off some bad karma?  :)

You could say it's something like that.  :D  I've got an SGI O2 running 
IRIX and an Apple Network Server running AIX4 down there, too, if I feel 
like firing them up.

> In all fairness, if you scraped off the silly unstable mac interface,
> it was a decent UNIX for the time.

One could argue the other way, that it was a decent way to run the 
"unstable" Mac OS, because if it crashed you could just restart it from 
the Unix layer.  :)  Though in the ~12 years I ran the classic Mac OS, I 
can count on one hand the number of times my machine crashed/locked.  I 
never went too wild with the Extensions I loaded on it, and that was 
usually the cause of most people's problems.  Corollary: if you don't go 
looking for trouble, it won't find you.  :)

> Do you have a copy of WingZ on it?  WingZ was awesome in 1991.  (Wow -
> WingZ is available for linux -
> http://www.linuxsoft.cz/en/sw_detail.php?id_item=1323 - I gotta check
> that out.)

I never got into it until A/UX had nails in its coffin.  (Was just a 
novice Unix user in general until some time after it was EOL'd.)  I 
maintain the FAQ now, not that there is much change in it these days.  I 
HTML-ified it early on, and only occasionally post the text to 
comp.unix.aux.  There's a (very) small group of us that still port 
software and putter around, but as the hardware keeps dying off, 
eventually we'll have nothing left to run it on.  (So if you know of any 
Quadras going to the recycler, let me know!)


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