[olug] need linux

Shawn L. Djernes shawn at djernes.org
Tue Jan 25 03:15:29 UTC 2011

UDev = no
LVM = yes it existed but was a pain to manage and setup. 
Mdadm = may have existed with another name. I am sure the software RAID modules were in the kernel. 
KVM = (ha ha) since we did not have hardware virtualization defiantly not. 

I don't think the AMD64 architecture existed yet. 

> FC2?  What class and what education establishment?  They need to be informed that FC2 is WAY too old to be used as a educational tool if the intent is to prepare the student for something in the real world.  Was udev used back then?  mdadm?  lvm?  I know kvm didn't exist yet.  Lots of Linux tools have changed, been deprecated and replace as well as new tools added.  Seems like a waste of time to me....

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