[olug] Video conversion question.

Dan Linder dan at linder.org
Wed Dec 1 16:13:26 UTC 2010

I've been working on converting my DVDs to Mpeg4 video files for quite a
while.  I recently bought a Roku box to play with, and installed the
community "MyMedia" app (channel) - this allows the Roku to access a server
via a Python-based web server and play media.  The Roku is picky, and only
likes H264 video, and the "AAC (faac)" audio (not AC3 or MP3), but I finally
got Handbrake to rip and save this combination.

My question is this:
Is there a command line tool I can use to re-encode just the audio portion
into AAC?  I think some of my past encodings had multiple audiotracks
encoded, so it may be a matter of just re-ordering the audio or stripping
out the AC3/MP3 stream so the Roku box can see it.

Any suggestions?



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