[olug] OT: Drill Press

Aric Aasgaard aric at omahax.com
Tue Oct 27 19:41:26 UTC 2009

Did you get a drill press yet?

The non beneficial part of this bump regarding the thread jack:  

IMO base 10 is not efficient for anything more with 2 or more dimensions.  

Base 8 makes the most logical sense to me as one could just count with their
fingers and spaces of one hand without the thumb.  Use both hands for base
16.  LOL use up and down fingers for byte length binary count up to 255
decimal units...
Maybe it should be more like musical notation.  Seven with 0 and double 0 or
8 being the same note an octave apart.  This could then easily be then
though of on a doubling scale.

Another thing that it sort of broken is that our brains were rasterized in
elementary school so we tend to think of a unit as a square or a cube.  IMO
a point should be thought of as a circle or sphere without dimension if that
makes any sense. You can't think of 1 as multi dimensional thing.  If 1 is a
value as distance from the origin it should be circular in 2 dimensions not
a square.

....while we are reprogramming why not use Euler's number as the base.

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On Sunday 25 October 2009 06:14:22 pm DYNATRON tech wrote:
> it seems that for most people, base 10 is much easier to work witih.

Only in the sense that for most (Nebraskan) people, English is much easier
work with. If you grew up in a culture using base 6 (ideal for finger-
counting), you would be familiar with that.
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