[olug] displays for outdoors

Eric P eric.maillist at gmail.com
Sun Oct 4 00:43:02 UTC 2009

Eric P wrote:
> Eric P wrote:
>> Is anyone aware of any displays (10" on up) in the market that can 
>> work w/o a back light (i.e., outdoors, etc.)? Something like the 
>> OLPC's XO monitor (but not the XO - it's just too small).
> I don't know if anyone else was interested in this thread, but I found 
> an interesting comparison of some non-backlit displays for naturally 
> bright settings (e.g., outdoors, etc.).
> http://olpc.tv/2009/06/09/pixel-qi-vs-kindle-vs-toshiba-r600-vs-regular-lcd-tablet/ 
> Sounds like we're still a little ways away from any general use 
> non-backlit displays hitting the market.
> Eric

The one-man thread continues!

Found the website behind the company (Pixel Qi) that is behind this new display.

Nice little summary on the front page.  Here's what caught my interest.
- Mass production of color, backlit/non-backlit displays in 2009 Q4 (for netbooks presumably)!
- Potential for 1/2 to 1/4 less power consumption with back light off!


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