[olug] (OT) Join FSF - "Free Culture" book free

Brian Wiese bwiese at cotse.com
Sat May 22 08:04:44 UTC 2004

Just wanted to extend the invitation...

for you to become Associate Members[1] of the Free Software Foundation
(FSF), like me.  I just recently received the FSF Bulletin outlining their
battles against SCO and all the FUD out there on many fronts attacking the
free software world, and I just feel proud to be a part of that.  Due to
the diligent work of the FSF and other free software authors to ensure
their work remains free, SCO eventually dropped claims against GNU to
concentrate on the Linux kernel, which has had a rather loose development

Also, all active members of the FSF by June 15th will receive a free copy
of Lawrence Lessig's latest book "Free Culture"[2].  Professor Lessig, of
Stanford University, has also recently joined the FSF Board of Directors,
and if you read/listen to his book will see that he notes the ideals of
GNU and Richard Stallman as a predecessor to his "Free Culture" revelation
and movement.

[1] http://member.fsf.org/
[2] http://free-culture.org/

If you can afford it, and value the freedom that GPL'd free software gives
to you each and every day, please consider a generous donation to the FSF
to ensure those freedoms for the future.


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