[olug] athlon64 cooling

Jay Swackhamer Jay at RebootTheUser.com
Fri May 21 02:00:22 UTC 2004

The Heatsinks/Fans that come in the boxed units do very well, the
Zalman coolers are always good, something like the CNPS7000ACU

The AthlonXP/Athlon64 heatsinks are usually the same physical dimensions,
but make sure that the heatsink/fan you get specifically has the mounting
for the Athlon64, which utilizes screws through the Motherboard into a
plate on the backside.The Zalman mentioned above has both mounting

I'd suggest that you go with at least the 3200+ to get the larger cache,
unless you are looking for the lowest entry into the 64bit, then the 2800
saves around $40.00, and even though you are looking for another
heatsink/fan, buying the boxed CPU (heatsink/fan included) also gets you a
3year warranty as opposed to saving ~$15.00 and only getting 30days.

The application is important also, because if you are going to play
games/only use/server 32bit apps, a dual channel (i.e.nforce2) motherboard
with an athlonXP 3200 has better memory performance than the
single-channel athlon64. The Athlon64FX would be the best of both worlds,
64bit operation and dual-channel memory.

> I would probably go with something like this one:
> http://www.silenx.com/productcart/pc/configurePrdz.asp?idcategory=5&idproduct=36
> They have had good ratings and they are quiet and effecient!  8)  I hope
> to join you at Athlon64 territory in 6 months.  Gotta stay under the wife
> amount radar.  8))
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>>>> hayai2 at cox.net 05/20/04 18:55 PM >>>
> I will be purchasing a 3Ghz Athlon64 soon, and I'm trying to figure out
> what is a good cooling solution. I've looked all over, but there doesn't
> appear to be any heatsink/fan combos made specifically for the athlon64.
> Do they use the same form factor as the XP? Can someone recommend a
> reliable heatsink/fan?
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