[olug] Linux Filesystems

Terry td3201 at yahoo.com
Thu May 20 18:38:59 UTC 2004

I use both Ext3 by itself and with LVM, works great
for my needs which aren't too taxing.....ext2 is said
to have better performance....

This might be worth your time:
(when it's working again, appears to be broken right

--- Michael Peterson
<mpeterson at mail.charlesfurniture.com> wrote:
> Is anyone on the list running XFS for a file system
> type for all
> partitions on  a Linux Server?
> If so, how are things going?
> Are there any issues with XFS?
> Is performance as good as expected?
> If not, which file system type are you running or do
> your prefer to use on
> a Linux Server?
> Ext3, ReiserFS, JFS, or Ext2 other than XFS?
> Or others if they are supported.
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