[olug] Fedora Core 2

Tim - DZ iceburn at dangerzone.com
Thu May 20 13:59:57 UTC 2004

I didn't per-se 'upgrade' to FC2 but I'm just about done tar-scp-tar
converting a redhat 8.0 to fedora 2.  About 90% done and so far no problems
at all.

While we're talking about upgrading distros, does anyone have a particularly
handy way to track all the customizations that happen to a default install?

It's pretty easy to pick what you need and don't need what you install a new
distro, but what about making sure you've got all the edits to /etc files
and such, most of the time copying from an older server won't work quite
right because the new /etc files have been updated...so you have to find
your changes in the old one, and edit the new one...similar for passwd
shadow sudo etc...copy /home and places like /var/www/html and /var/log/

Of course there is the "copy everything you can remember and fix things when
they" break method :-)


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Well i have been out the last few days and my email deletes itself after a 
couple days so if i missed this sorry for the repost. I was just wondering 
if people upgraded to core 2 and if so how it went. I ran into some bumps on

one of my computers..I had some issues with my network card "that i never 
got fixed just bought a new one and it worked but i know its a working card"

my sound didnt work but got that working i have sound blaster live game 5.1 
or something...umm that basically about all the issues i had everything 
appears to work fine now.

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