[olug] SuSE 9.0 proc question

Christopher Cashell topher at zyp.org
Thu May 20 02:20:32 UTC 2004

At Wed, 19 May 04, Unidentified Flying Banana Jake Churchill, said:
> I have suse 9.0 installed on my system and it does not come with an FTP 
> server as far as I could tell.  So, I downloaded ProFTP, installed it, 
> and configured it how I want it.  It works fine, just how I want.  The 
> problem I have is that it doesn't start automatically with the system.  


First of all, a question. . . how much do you plan to use the ftpd?

Do you expect that it will be pretty much constantly in use, with
numerous users all day long, or is it more likely to be used a few dozen
times a day, or less?

If you don't think it will be in constant use, then I wouldn't bother
with having it run constantly, I'd start it from inetd.  That way it
will be started on demand, when someone makes a connection to the
machine, but won't be using resources when it isn't needed.

This is generally the recommended way of running things like ftpd, when
they'll only be used occasionally.  Things like ftpd, fingerd, anonymous
cvs, and even many others are usually run from inetd.

Take a look at the /etc/inetd.conf file to see how it works (chances are
there's likely a line in there already for ftpd that you can either use,
or modify and use).  You can also read the man page for inetd and
inetd.conf, or google for more info.  And, of course, you can ask us
here, too. ;-)

> jake

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