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Craig Wolf CJWolf at mpsomaha.org
Fri May 14 20:28:32 UTC 2004

The company that the SW was bought from says it works perfectly with Windows servers.  Not Linux due to the fact that you cannot turn of file locking.  I take that as a load of crap personally!  So I will give that a try...  I will post more when I know more...thanx!!

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>>> phil at brutsche.us 5/14/2004 >>>
Craig Wolf wrote:
> Ok, here we go.  I have a Samba server serving 7 people with 3-4
> people accessing the database of a program that is on each
> workstation.  The program works GREAT when 1 person is in it.  We
> just started using it with more than 1 person and noticed a problem.
> It appears that there is some file locking going on because when 2-3

I was going to say "fudge with your oplocks" but someone beat me to it.

> If I don't find a "workaround/fix" quickly for this piece of
> software, this machine will have to have Windows server 2000
> installed and setup.  TIA!!

Before you go through all that trouble I would verify that it'll work 
with a Windows 2000 server.  There are some programs that simply aren't 
designed for this sort of environment, and will have file locking and/or 
data corruption issues no matter what the file server OS is, regardless 
of whether opportunistic locking is on or off.

You may need to verify with the software vendor that their program is 
designed to work with a file server.

Of course, this is all AFTER you try to turn off opportunistic locking :)


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