[olug] Newby Needs help

Sean Edwards cybersean3000 at yahoo.com
Fri May 14 13:21:48 UTC 2004

The newbies should come to a lunch.  By the way, when
is the next one?


--- "Collard, John" <John.Collard at aquila.com> wrote:
> <off topic>
> I second that!  As a newbie who has an existing
> event on the same night as the OLUG meetings, I find
> that I have questions that continue to go
> unanswered.  It would be great to have informal
> (non-meeting type) event(s) where experienced users
> and us newbies could get together to work through
> any issues we have.  
> Installfests are great ideas, but what do you do
> when you get the box home and start trying to use it
> on your own -- wait 6 months for the next
> installfest?
> </off topic>
> As for someone that's available for help, I have
> bothered (dropped in on, without appointment) Jay
> Swackhammer at Reboot The User on several occasions
> when I just couldn't figure something out.  His
> store is open most nights 'til about 9:00 or so, but
> you can check it out at
> http://www.reboottheuser.com.
> <off topic...again>
> By the way, he also has space and connections setup
> for groups so that could also be a possible location
> if anyone wanted to meet.
> </off topic>
> John
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> Subject: [olug] Newby Needs help
> I am new to Linux, and having much trouble with SuSe
> 8.2, is there anyone that I could call on the phone
> when I need help.  Like it recognizes the CD, but I
> can't get it to read it or let me use it for
> installing my new printer a Canon S520.  The
> instructions in the manual are impossible to follow.
>     Would appreciate communicating at other times
> than at the meetings. Its hard to wait 3-4 weeks for
> help.
>     Thanks, Ginnie Farber
>     vfarber at dtnspeed.net
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