[olug] Microsoft is out of control!

Jake Churchill jachurchill at cox.net
Fri May 7 04:26:57 UTC 2004

SUMMARY:  Apple is smart, Microsoft is stupid, unless you've never used 
a Mac.

On May 6, 2004, at 11:08 PM, John DiMartino wrote:

> Well... they got all that legacy BSD code in there :)
> On May 6, 2004, at 10:52 PM, Sean Kelly wrote:
>> On Thu, May 06, 2004 at 05:26:13PM -0500, John DiMartino wrote:
>>> What I don't get is what is MS offering that isn't already in OS X?  
>>> OS
>>> X runs better in every incarnation on older hardware.  What is MS 
>>> doing
>>> to make each version of their OS that much more bloated?  Don't they
>>> spend any time at all cleaning up and optimizing code?
>> I imagine they do spend some time doing it, but they have a hell of a 
>> lot
>> more legacy to carry around than Apple does. Every time they roll out 
>> new
>> APIs, system calls, etc, they have to keep the old ones. They've got 
>> to
>> support crap that goes back ages. OS X is pretty new, written with a
>> totally different design model, and not dirtied up with history yet. 
>> That
>> is also likely why Apple can roll out new versions so fast, such as 
>> the
>> upcoming 10.4 "Tiger".
>> Microsoft can't really do what many opensource things do and just say 
>> "We
>> no longer support doing X using the Y API." They would drive 
>> developers
>> away quick.
>>> The fact that they add more and more worthless stuff without actually
>>> doing anything quality with thier OS is just a reminder of why the 
>>> court
>>> should have broken them up and forced some competition down their 
>>> throats.
>> Doing something "quality" with an OS as big as Windows isn't exactly 
>> easy.
>> I've seen some of the work that has had to go into FreeBSD throughout 
>> 5.x
>> development. There is a hell of a lot of grunt work compared to "wow, 
>> what
>> a neat feature!" There has been more work than any end user will ever
>> understand. SMPng is/was a total bitch. Now magnify this by 50,000 to 
>> match
>> the Microsoft codebase.
>> You also have to remember that Microsoft designs the operating system 
>> and
>> adds things that the big time hardware and software developers want.
>> They're not entirely designing for you. They're designing for 
>> companies
>> that want to sell you those flashy programs. So, Microsoft is better 
>> off
>> adding APIs than they are flashy features. Apple isn't really in this 
>> boat
>> yet, since there are way fewer Apple developers, both open and 
>> commercial.
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