[olug] Microsoft is out of control!

John DiMartino john_dimartino at mac.com
Thu May 6 22:26:13 UTC 2004

What I don't get is what is MS offering that isn't already in OS X?  OS 
X runs better in every incarnation on older hardware.  What is MS doing 
to make each version of their OS that much more bloated?  Don't they 
spend any time at all cleaning up and optimizing code?

The fact that they add more and more worthless stuff without actually 
doing anything quality with thier OS is just a reminder of why the court 
should have broken them up and forced some competition down their throats.

thehaas at binary.net wrote:

> On Thu, May 06, 2004 at 05:14:31PM -0500, Phil Brutsche wrote:
>>>In other words, we can expect Microsoft's demo to be done at a
>>>snail's pace?
>>Nope, I expect it to run quite nicely.
> My question is -- what does MS think that Longhorn will give Home Joe
> User that they will want to upgrade to a massive machine?  Already,
> people are happy when their machines "just work" -- they just want to
> email, IM, surf, and maybe make a greeting card or two.  How is
> Longhorn going to improve their user experience?
> (Note that I'm talking about Home Joe User -- the machines in the
> office are a different thing.)

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