[olug] nostalgia

Trent Melcher trent at wispair.net
Sat May 1 14:07:16 UTC 2004

I remember that.  Slackware disks,  gee I cant remember how many disks there
were I had, I rememer downloading like the N set and other letter sets then
putting them to floppy,  man this was back around 94-95 or so....MAN its
been over 10 years, WOW!!!


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CDs, bah, real men downloaded the floppies!

I'm pretty sure I got a 6 disc set somewhere, and if I dug around in the 
garage I could probably find a floppy distribution, although once found 
the wife would probably make me throw it out :)

Sean Edwards wrote:

>Does anyone else remember measuring kernel compile
>time in  week-ends, arguing with clueless ISP support
>techs about CHAP and PAP password info, fighting with Winmodems and 
>Winprinters, killing that brand new 17" monitor (15.x" viewable) with a 
>bad XF86 config file, using FIPS to partition a live hard drive, 
>convincing some hardware tech support that you ARE using a PC but
>NOT Windows, and waiting for the mailman to bring your
>latest distro on CD from Walnut Creek?
>Ah, those were the days!

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