[olug] SMTP relay?

Daniel Pfile daniel at pfile.net
Tue Jun 25 03:15:51 UTC 2002

This should be easy, just pick a linux distro and follow the
documentation for whatever smtp it comes with to allow relaying on your
internal ips.

Sendmail (not so easy really...)

Postfix (easy)

Qmail (relativly easy)

Exim (easy)

Debian uses exim by default usually. Redhat uses sendmail with some sort
of switcher program that lets you switch to postfix. I'm not sure about
the other distros though, check google.

I'd recommend you point and click your way through a redhat install,
switch to postfix and set up relays for your local net. Then shut off
every daemon other than postfix and ssh, or even ssh if you have console
access, especially considering the latest ssh hole. That should give you
a nice secure mail relay server. Your hardware should be able to handle
all the mail traffic for you library with no problems.

There are several people on the list that know the ins and outs of every
mta I listed, so just ask for help if you get stuck. I personally know
postfix and qmail very well.

-- Daniel Pfile - daniel AT pfile DAWT net


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