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Fruhwirth, John JFruhwirth at huskers.unl.edu
Fri Jun 21 20:24:22 UTC 2002

Yes, it seems like we're installing OS X on more and more machines, and it
makes sense since Macintosh is discontinuing development on the OS 9
platform.  All new machines ship with X, of course.  Anyway, X has had a
generally smooth release.  A few incompatibilities here and there, but
support is getting stronger everyday and bugs become fewer.  Mac is really
good about releasing updates.  I think the current version is 10.1.5.
Overall, it is wildly popular because of its ease of use and guys like us
like it because of the unix factor, of course.  2 Thumbs up

John (Russ) Fruhwirth
UNL Athletic Dept./Computing Services
101 East Stadium
Lincoln, NE  68588

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Hi, haven't really posted before, but I've been
lurking the list. I just wanted to agree with the
praise for Slackware. Red Hat was the first install I
did and It is a good one to get you over the initial
"ok I installed it now what" syndrome. But Installing
Slackware 7 and getting everyting up and going really
showed me how to sit down and start to figure things
out on my own. (Athough it also showed me how nice it
is to have a group of experience users to give you
Help as well.)

Just out of Curiosity, I know it isn't Linux, but is
anyone out there using OS X? I just got a G4 tower and
I really like OS X, although it is a little harder to
find documentation on it than Linux ;)

Have a good weekend all!


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