[olug] Slackware 8.1

Jonathan Warren jonwarren at cox.net
Fri Jun 21 19:00:15 UTC 2002

Just wanted to bring to everyone's attention that Slackware has officially released the 8.1 iso images and files.  You can purchase 8.1 from the slackware store for 40.00 too.  The new additions include the latest Mozilla, kde, and gnome software.  Personally I have found Slackware to be the most compatible distro I have ever used.  

If you can't tell I really like slackware.  For any users wondering if they want to install linkux slackware has a distro known as zipslack that will install into a windows partition and run from there.  I have never tried it so I don't know the pros and cons but if you don't want to repartition you might take a look at it.

-Jon Warren


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