[olug] I have free stuff too.

Andrew Embury drazak at ingenii.com
Sun Jun 2 04:44:27 UTC 2002

I cleaned out my basement tonight and have these things should anyone want
them.  Most everything will be free to OLUG members.  A couple of the
items I would like to at least get some beer money out of and they are
listed below.  All items worked when they were taken out of service.  All
items must be picked up (I live in Lincoln), although I might be able to
be talked into dropping them off if you live close to 168th and Center.

I might have a couple of more items to list later..



- ATI Rage 128 Pro AGP Video Card - Free
- 3Com OfficeConnect 16 port hub 16 10bT, 1 10b2 - Free
- Wangtek (250MB?) SCSI Tape backup drive - Free
- Intel InBusiness 8 port 10bT hub - Free
- Linksys 5 port 10bT hub - Free
- HP 2/4GB SCSI DAT dds2 tape drive + tapes - Free
- HP Travan SCSI 5GB T4 tape drive + tapes - Free
- (2) 14" color monitors.  Not that great - Free
- 1 15" Trinitron Dell color monitor - 10 bucks
- Dlink PCMCIA 10bT ethernet - Free
- Some sort of RS232 phone dialer.  Maybe write your own driver? - Free
- (2) removable IDE harddrive cages.  Can mount any IDE drive in these and
it allows you to move the drive between systems or pop in multiple drives.
- Free

- Blackbox 4 port KVM + 4 cable set - 15 bucks
- Cisco 675 DSL modem + filters/console cables/box - 20 bucks
- Multiple M$ wheel mice ps/2 - Free
- Kingston 10bT stackable hub - Free
- Epson Type B ethernet card for printer 10bT and 10b2.  - Free


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