[olug] anyone else run into this mozilla/flash/artsd issue?

Nick Walter waltern at iivip.com
Wed Jul 17 17:56:55 UTC 2002

I've been running Mozilla 1.0 on my KDE3 desktop and have been quite
pleased with it.  This morning I decided to install the flash plugin and
opened a very ugly can of worms.

The flash plugin seems to freeze my browser, and I have to send it a
KILL or TERM signal to get it to close.  A little google research showed
that the KDE sound daemon, artsd, and the flash plugin do no coexist
happily.  I tested and sure enough flash works fine if I kill artsd.  Of
course that leaves my KDE desktop and my KDE applications sound free
(not good!).

I'm stumped on where to proceed from here.  I don't want to give up
sound but I don't want to give up flash either.  Anyone else run into
this before and found a more satisfactory solution for making flash

Nick Walter


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