[olug] M$ Linux? Coming soon ...

William E. Kempf wekempf at cox.net
Tue Dec 10 23:10:28 UTC 2002

William E. Kempf said:
> First the article clearly indicates this is a prediction not backed up
> by admission from MS.  However, the META group is specifically in
> business to make predictions such as this.  If they made baseless,
> unfounded
> predictions they'd lose credibility, and thus revenue.  If they are
> making this prediction, you can bet there's some solid evidence to back
> it up.  Doesn't insure the prediction will come true, but it still
> carries a lot of credibility.

Now that I've done the proper research, however, it appears CNN may have
misread what the META group predicted:


I can't read this as saying MS will supply their own Linux distro.  It
only indicates MS will target Linux with their back end solutions, such as
..NET, which is a no-brainer prediction that's already seeing evidence
(they provide a lot of support to Mono, for instance, have reportedly
payed Corel to implement .NET and have even supplied Rotor for BSD).

William E. Kempf

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