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Terence Bradshaw tbradshaw at tconl.com
Tue Dec 10 03:13:42 UTC 2002

I'm glad you posted it.  As I said, I saw the link in the "Newest Threads" 
section.  If I saw it, I'm sure there are many more locals who may not be 
aware of OLUG who saw it and may be intrigued. 

I learned of OLUG through another member (Mr. Helperton), myself.


Sorry, Jon.


On Monday 09 December 2002 09:02 pm, CM Miller wrote:
> It was I who posted it a few days ago.
> I think they may have problems with their site, cause
> I posted it on the 12.7.02., and it didn't post right
> away and now I went back to it and it seems ok.  Maybe
> it had to be reviewed before posting?
> http://www.linuxnewbie.org/forum/showthread.php?s=dff7387b3f319dc67360b7860
> I don't think Events gets alot of traffic, but it was
> worth a shot cause I know there are others from
> Lincoln and Omaha who hit linuxnewbie.org alot, like
> myself.
> -Chris

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