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Paul McNally nally at radiks.net
Fri Feb 4 16:38:05 UTC 2000

on 2/4/00 9:59 AM, Farias Jorge H A1C 92SVS/SVFS 657-5922 at
jorge.farias at fairchild.af.mil wrote:

> hello I have recently joined this mailing list and am also a new user of
> Linux (about 6-8 month's)and have had some very good experiences using the
> OS and may of it's tools I'm wondering if any one has ever tried running or
> had any success running M$ Out!ook on WINE. I am running a dual boot system
> but I have to boot into win. for work email it would be cool if I could get
> around that... thank you.
With all the options you have for email in Linux,
I would never try to use Outlook in WINE. From
what Phil Brutsche ;-) has told me, WINE works well
with 16 bit programs but not 32 bit programs. If that
is true, you'll never get it to work, at least not
very well.

Not only that but you are being highly blasphemous
in you r utterances :-). If you need help getting
something set up email wise on Linux, I can certainly

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