[olug] washingtonpost.com: 'Free' Wireless Networks?

Vincent vraffensberger at home.com
Tue Dec 12 05:50:29 UTC 2000

Wireless access is available in Brainard, Columbus, David City, North
Bend and Schuyler (8-10 mile average radius).  More locations are on the


"Dietz, John D." wrote:
> Anyway you guys to get this type of system to hit other area outside of
> Omaha, such as Plattsmouth or Nebraska City?  lol
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> I notice the sentence where a skeptic says "it wasn't developed for
> wide open spaces"  when in fact Lucent has a contract with a local
> company in Lincoln to build antennas for just that.  When I worked
> there they were looking at an 8dBi Omnidirectional (every way but up
> and down) antenna and when coupled with another antenna that is
> identical (I don't think there was an amplifier) they had good
> reliability up to 6 miles away Line of sight.  If you plan on covering
> a small village like my hometown of Belgrade it would work great.
> Belgrade is only 1/2 mile by 1/2 mile in area and by putting a tower up
> high enough you could even cover much of the local country side.  I
> think I would still have to charge a monthly fee for use though.

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